Gently shaking
Thursday October 14, 2021; 12:59 PM EDT
  • I've managed to get my own domain from my Drummer Blog working. It took me all afternoon. Using a reverse proxy.#
  • My drummer blog sits at:
  • There are a few methods of getting Drummer on your own domain, but they all seemed to involve cost. There is Dave Winer's own Page Park, and some folk had used reverse proxies on Caddyserver and nginx. Jack Baty has details of the nginx way on his wiki. I though I could probably get Apache to do the same sort of thing, but was not sure how. #
  • I started by setting up a subdomain on my Pi. It already holds
  • I did a deal of guessing, searching and testing on the VirtualHost settings on the pi. I eventually got to the 404 page for Scripting. Eventually I got this:#
    • ServerName #
    • ProxyPass /
    • ProxyPassReverse /
  • Which worked.#
  • I also had to set a header in the blog opml in drummer: urlBlogWebsite pointing to #

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